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Contribute to the success of businesses, in all B2B ( business to business ) related industries by organization , planning, execution and quality control through a wide range of solutions of applied proven methods.


The main characteristic of Vendre&Vous is the quality of or work. Beyond a methodical approach and or trainers skills, several elements are set to maximize the effectiveness of our services such as summaries of discussions with your contacts, production reports and post meetings follow-up.
With or experienced team of professional account executives, Vendre&Vous constantly improve skills through continuous resources training and weekly updates. CRM, online scripts and Intranet are some of the tools used to maximize understanding of our customers’ expectations and effectiveness of services delivered.

Respect is present in all aspect of Vendre&Vous interactions, with our customers, or prospects and or employees. This value is well established and applied by concrete action like a satisfaction guarantee for our customers, appointments reminders for their potential customers and exceptional working conditions for our employees.
Recognizing the uniqueness of each company, Vendre&Vous customize services to all its customers, adapting to their work-flow, which adds time saving and comfort to profitability.

Transparency generates trust. Therefore Vendre&Vous keep its customers informed at all stages of the business relationship and strives to maintain fluid communication.
Our clients have access to various tools developed and used for them by their account managers. According to their interest, they are invited to review the production contributing to the process. This partnership approach allows pro-activeness and the establishment of strong business relationships.

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