Although company’s founders are the best resources possible to promote their businesses, it doesn’t necessarily make them qualified salesman. With this customized Coaching program, Vendre&Vous support you in your prospection efforts.

Specially adapted for VSE’s (very small enterprises), this service helps you develop the following:


Representation is the basis of business development , whether virtual ,on the phone or person to person. Strong arguments enable you to deliver your message clearly to your potential customers and provide you the necessary assertiveness to deliver your speech.


Beyond confidence and enthusiasm, the application of a method is the best guarantee for your business development. With the coaching program, Vendre&Vous teaches the basics of a method used successfully in nearly fifty different types of industries.

Tips and tricks

Vendre&Vous assist you in the planning, organization and the execution of your strategy, focusing on the “traps” to avoid. If necessary, we will also assist you in officials meetings with your potential customers to help you to maintain the sale initiative and to close deals.

Free consultation

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