For in-house sales force dedicated to business development, efficiency is paramount. However, it is directly related to the knowledge and understanding of the dynamics of sale. To improve your resources techniques, Vendre&Vous offers a simple, flexible and proven prospecting and telephone follow-up method.

Here are these courses steps, dedicated to large and very large enterprises::

Implementation is initiated by a working meeting . This strategic meeting allows us to know the history of your company, its achievements, its transformations and especially its mission and target. Thereafter, an action plan is developed, subject to your approval, to ensure the complete understanding of your objectives and the effectiveness of the courses.

Modules chosen for your team are taught as master classes and can take place at your office, if the configuration allows it, or in the office of your choice according to a predetermined schedule with you.

During training, presentation workshops are held, among others. Role play is used to facilitate assimilation of content, tips and sales dialogue techniques. To assess the development of knowledge and skills of your sales force, we provide the results of an exam to conclude the training.

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